Sanskrit Week

Acharyat padmadate padam shishya swamedhya  |
          Padam sabhrahmacharibhya padam kaalkramen cha ||    




The above shlok means that "a student learns a quarter from teacher, a quarter from own intelligence, a quarter from fellow students, and the rest in course of time."


·         As per the C.B.S.E. regulation Sanskrit week was celebrated from 7th August’14 – 13th August’14.

·         As we know that Sanskrit is the origin of all the regional languages still its importance is being neglected. Thus, in order to recall its importance, SANSKRIT WEEK was celebrated with great enthusiasm.

·         Following programme were conducted during the week:

1.      7th  August 2014:

Opening ceremony was conducted with lamp lightning and Sarasvativandana, followed by Shlok Recitation competition for classes VI-VIII.

2.       8th August 2014:

Sanskrit quiz competition was conducted for classes VI-VIII, in which three teams were made          including students from each year in every team. Children enjoyed the competition to a great extent.

 3.      9th August 2014:

Shlok recitation, jokes and riddles in Sanskrit were recited by the students in their individual classes. This helped the students to gain thorough knowledge of the language.

 4.      11th August 2014:

        Sanskrit ShlokAntakshari competition was conducted in all the classes from VI-VIII.

 5.      12th August 2014:

                  Skit presentation in Sanskrit language and Sanskrit essay writing competition was held in the all the classes from VI-VIII.

 6.      13th August 2014:

                   Closing ceremony was conducted with great enthusiasm which marked a beautiful end to a knowledgeableweek. Various dances and songs in Sanskrit were sung by the students.

                    Certificates of appreciation were given o the position holders throughout the order to encourage the students for further participation Reenu ma’am gave a motivational speech. All the teachers and students worked to the best of their capabilities to make this programme a great success.


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