The school building is fully equipped to provide an all round, wholesome and simulating environment for education with the help of following facilities -

  • Class room - School is equipped with classrooms that are spacious and airy.
  • Computer lab - Computer lab is fully equipped to provide child -friendly activities through interesting software, internet, ICT and soft library.
  • Library - The school has an excellent library. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as a resource centre for learning. With text books reference books, magazenes, encyclopedias, dictionaries, newspapers, periodicals and journals.
  • Art Room - The school is equipped with an 'Art & Craft Room' to faster creativity in visual to among students. The Art work of students is regularly displayed within the school and art exhibitions are conducted periodically to motivate the young artists.
  • Performing Art Room - The school has a music and dance room to provide opportunities to the students to learn and perform and create worlds of happiness. Deptt. Is equipped with musical instruments and materials required for dance.
  • Science Laboratories - Science subject are not only based on theoretical learning, but practical applications as well. The curriculum at GVPS helps the students to develop science skills through keen observation of the life processes, materials and their physical and chemical properties. Practical classes in all the branches of science namely physics, Chemistry and Biology are conducted in intably designed laboratories under the watch-ful eyes of their teachers.

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