Green View Public School

Dwarka Vihar,Najafgarh,New Delhi-43

      TREE PLANTATION DRIVE  : SEP (2018-19)


Being the member of Eco Club, the students and staff  of Green View  Public School, Dwarka Vihar,Najafgarh, planted indigenous trees  in the school premises in the  presence of Chairman/Manager  and Principal of the school. Various trees like Mango,Peepal,Neem and many more were planted  as a part of the “Tree plantation drive”. The students pledged to plant more and more trees in their neighbourhood. This is the way to reduce pollution and make life healthy as well.It decreases the content of  carbon dioxide and increases the content of oxygen in the atmosphere.. The Principal presided over all the activities and instructed the students to protect their ailing planet.


Important Message  by : “Green View Public School”

By the next 10 years, the temperature of Earth will raise drastically. Himalayan glaciers are melting at a rapid rate, so all of us should stand together to fight global warming. The Tree Plantation drive is the most valuable part to save our environment. We request every individual to spare a few minutes to keep their surroundings clean and healthy. Every human being has the responsibility to take care of the environment and to keep it pollution free. To reduce pollution in the air we must plant more and more trees.

“Keep the environment clean and healthy, you will be awarded by nature.”

  1. Plant trees near  your homes.
  2. Do not use plastic bags.
  3. Do not  waste  water and electricity.
  4. Use public transport .
  5. Participate in ‘Save environment  drive.’


 Wish you all the best :

  Principal / Manager


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