Morning Assembly


Morning Assembly

A high quality assembly is one of the most important aspects of a school’s curriculum. It’s potential to nurture a positive school ethos that stresses care for self, others and the pursuit of all forms of excellence.

Morning assembly at GVPS is a chance for students to connect with each other. We begin our school day with a prayer, a thought for the day, news headlines, interesting facts, skit, recitation of poems and shlokas followed by a rendition of national anthem are an integral part of the morning assembly. We start our day by making a firm commitment to do our best for the school and ourselves. Each day students from different classes organize this set of interesting activities.

A platform to express our feelings and thoughts and display our talent is provided through regular assembly. The idea of learning and growing together is given to our students. Our children exchange ideas and views about different aspects of  their daily lives as well as the world around them.



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